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Tempo Box

Secure Sharing Simplified

The ability to share information internally and externally is imperative in doing business in today’s business environment. In addition, having the capability to access the information on a mobile device such as a tablet or mobile phone is also critical in some businesses. Now SAP and OpenText have joined forces yet again to present SAP Tempo Box by OpenText.

tempo_boxWithin your secure SAP Extended ECM, SAP Document Access, SAP Archiving by OpenText or OpenText Content Suite (directly from OpenText), you now have the ability to access, sync, share, edit, and store files on any device all using enterprise-grade security integrated into these solutions. Unlike public-cloud EFSS solutions, SAP Tempo Box by OpenText helps companies meet internal and industry standards for records management and security.

Business Challenges:

  • Secured data being shared via unsecured methods (email, share programs)
  • Reduced business process efficiency
  • Inefficient collaboration (both internally and externally)
  • Content managed by file sync and share programs are not linked into Enterprise Content Management
  • Huge amounts of proprietary and regulated data are leaking onto non-corporate devices
  • Enterprise files on multi-tenanted public servers are potentially vulnerable to attack or unauthorized access

Key Functions:

  • Secure sync-and-share functions across all devices
  • Content sharing beyond enterprise boundaries
  • Simple collaboration tools
  • Desktop synchronization
  • Integration with content-enriched business processes

Business Benefits:

  • Manage content according to organization’s policies and industry guidelines – thereby minimizing data leakage and other security risks.
  • Single version of the truth that is readily visible to your organization.
  • Eliminating information silos can also reduce the complexity of IT systems and help use data storage and IT resources more effectively
  • Higher efficiency and productivity for your business.
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