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SharePoint Content Governance

Make SharePoint part of your Enterprise-wide governance strategy by integrating it with OpenText’s Content Suite Application Governance and Archiving for SharePoint (AGA).  Application Governance and Archiving connects SharePoint to OpenText’s information governance infrastructure. AGA can capture individual documents as well as whole sets of documents or complete SharePoint sites. AGA also gives SharePoint users access to business records managed by OpenText from within a familiar environment.


With AGA the corporation can utilize OpenText Records Management to enforce the lifecycle management of these corporate records - identify vital records, manage retention and destruction schedules, disposition, and record holds.

Business Benefits

  • Governance for documents and complete sites
  • Access business records stored in Content Server from SharePoint
  • Ability to attain corporate compliance over SharePoint content and sites when using OpenText Records Management
  • Manage the proliferation of sites
  • Make SharePoint part of your information infrastructure

Key Functions

  • Rapid Site  Deployment – deploy SharePoint sites with built in compliance (avoid the proliferation of sites)
  • Centralized access – SharePoint can be the end use access point for all information
  • Formal compliance – certifications  and leveraging centralized set of policies
  • Storage Optimization
  • Archiving – multi tier storage, security integration architecture, compression