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Portal Content Management

The SAP® Portal Content Management application by OpenText helps you streamline content management processes by integrating content with the workflows and resources available in the SAP NetWeaver® Portal component. It improves the efficiency of content creation, management, and storage processes while supporting user collaboration and communication. Centralized access minimizes inconsistent, erroneous data, while document audit trails and permission management features enhance content security.

Business Benefits

  • Streamline content management processes through centralized access control and automated process workflows
  • Enhance user productivity by supporting content sharing and collaboration
  • Improve governance through version control and access authorization features
  • Maximize your SAP investment with an open path for growth

Key Features

  • Efficient content management – View documents and update information with the support of automated workflows
  • Secure, version-controlled content – Maintain version control, generate audit trails, and prohibit unauthorized user access
  • Content search and locate – Quickly find content anywhere in SAP NetWeaver Portal
  • Collaboration and connectivity – Share documents and communicate with colleagues
  • Streamlined user interactions – Simplify user access to content with single sign-on and personalization features
  • Foundation for growth – Create a content management architecture that grows with your business

Business Challenges

  • Integrate content into workflows and enterprise workspaces of SAP NetWeaver Portal
  • Increase efficiency of content access and management processes
  • Enhance users’ ability to productively collaborate and share content
  • Improve content security and mitigate risk of unauthorized content access
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