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Extended ECM

To overcome the disconnect between structured processes and unstructured information, SAP offers a groundbreaking solution. The OpenText Extended ECM application is integrated with SAP Business Suite software such as the SAP ERP application. OpenText Extended ECM thus enables management of unstructured content in the context of the processes and transactions supported by your enterprise applications.

Business Benefits:

  • Increase content-centric process efficiency by making unstructured content easily accessible within the context of SAP business processes and transactions
  • Increase the productivity of business users by eliminating the time wasted to find or recreate unstructured content related to business processes, and by fostering collaboration
  • Minimize the risk associated with unstructured content by controlling its complete lifecycle
  • Reduce Costs by digitizing paper documents, reducing storage requirements, facilitating database backups, and optimizing system performance
  • Exploit the power of SAP software by using the SAP master data to deliver precisely the right content from across your organization into your business processes

Key Functions:

  • Making Content Available - Provides a unified 360 degree access to structured and unstructured information in a choice of interfaces.
  • Collaboration Tools - Allows you to include all appropriate stakeholders both within and outside of the organization, in collaborative processes.
  • Manage Corporate Records - Helps mitigates risk by applying records management classifications to content to control its entire lifecycle from creation through archival to destruction.
  • Digitizing Paper Processes - Supports the digitization of paper by scanning documents directly into the SAP business process.
  • Archiving Data and Content - Compresses the content, eliminates content duplicates, and abstracts storage management.

Business Challenges

  • Bridging the gap between structured information in SAP Business Suite applications and related unstructured information.
  • Improving the efficiency of content-centric steps in business processes managed within SAP applications
  • Reducing the risk associated with the lack of control over unstructured content access enterprise
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