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Engineering Document Mgt.

Efficiently manage your Engineering Projects from design to operations - mitigate risks, ensure compliance, enable efficient collaboration, reduce project handover times, and improve decision-making throughout your engineering project lifecycle with OpenText Engineering Document Management.

Engineering Document Management

OpenText Engineering Document Management is a tightly integrated set of Content Suite Platform modules that enhances OpenText’s Enterprise Content Management offering to help control risks to project scope, schedule and costs while speeding time to production and operations for engineering projects and processes.  These modules include:

Controlled Revision Tracking

Controlled Revision Tracking provides a centralized dashboard for all controlled engineering information improving project efficiency and control via process automation, revision transparency, and concurrent document revisions.

Automatic Document Numbering

Automatic Document Numbering enables Owner-Operators, EPCs / Engineering Contractors and non-engineering customers to enforce their company standards on document naming and numbering schemes to ensure consistency and quality. Automatic Document Numbering enables customers to manage both simple and complex numbering schemes, such as based on categories, forms, workflows, document and object types.

Advanced State Management

Advanced State Managementempowers Engineers, Document Control Managers and Project Leaders to quickly and simply create and execute engineering document review and approval processes where relevant subject matter experts such as Engineers or higher level approvals from Project Leaders must be obtained in order for work to proceed.

CAD Manager for Autodesk AutoCAD / Bentley MicroStation

The CAD Manager module for Engineering Document Management enables Engineers to use the capabilities of the Engineering Document Management suite without ever leaving their primary tools of work. Using the CAD Manager plug-ins, Engineers can gain the benefits of the Engineering Document Management suite while working in AutoCAD or MicroStation.

Brava! Document Viewer and Markup Tool

Brava! is a 3rd party engineering document viewer and markup tool that enables Engineers, Contractors and other Project Participants to view, print and markup or revise virtually any engineering file, compare differences between versions of the same file, as well as see cross references between files that are tracked in Content Server.

GISLink for ESRI

The GISLink for ESRI (Environmental Systems Research Institute) module helps Engineers and project participants view their engineering content in the way that it actually exists in the real world. Engineering personnel in the field working on assets can find information on their ESRI mobile device maps and view documents as they pertain to a specific physical asset, such as a piece of equipment or part of a plant.

Transmittal Management

OpenText Transmittal Management enables EPCs / Engineering Contractors and Owner-Operators to manage transmittals enabling Document Control Managers and Project Leaders to reduce the risk of errors and delays associated with manual transmittal management processes.  Transmittal Management enables the contractual and auditing use of transmittals by automatically logging receipt and responses to transmittal.

Business Benefits

  • Engineering Document Management helps them control risk to project scope, schedule and costs
  • Owner-Operator and Engineering companies gain faster return on investment in their projects by speeding time to production and operations
  • Enforce company standards on both simple and complex document naming and numbering schemes to ensure consistency and quality
  • Review and approval processes are consistently applied and you can trust the results of engineering work done on documents
  • Using AutoCAD or MicroStation, engineers can access content stored in Content Server without having to learn a new tool or interfere with the way they currently do their work
  • Check in and out large volumes of engineering documents at a time
  • Engineering information is fully auditable to ensure that activity can be traced in the future if needed for conflict resolution
  • Easy to create a transmittal, to track the progress, and to ensure information is never duplicated

Key Functions

  • Enables automatic control of flexible and complex document numbering schemes
  • Users of drawing, SOP’s, manuals and other content are ensured not only that the content they are using is the latest revision available, but they are also provided with the transparency to see who might currently be working on the content and the status of the changes.
  • Users can interact with the OpenText content management directly from AutoCAD and MicroStation menus or via a Batch Processor that allows for the check in/out of multiple files.
  • Guides and records the process flow (lifecycle) of an engineering document through predefined states
  • Assures that all engineering documents go through a defined approval process
  • View, print and markup or revise virtually any engineering file, compare differences between versions of the same file, as well as see cross references between files
  • Standardize and secure a complete and transparent lifecycle for a capital project’s transmittals, from creation and review to compliant auditing and retention.

Business Challenges

  • Information handover on capital projects: large volumes of information are provided to the owner operator by engineering firms after the project is complete
  • Large volume of technical drawings and documents to document for the as-built state of the asset
  • Need to manage risk and compliance – a single point of truth on the project and after the project is completed
  • Concurrent revisions may be used by electrical engineers, mechanical engineers and civil engineers all working on the same “drawing” simultaneously
  • Regulatory and HSE Compliance standards to meet
  • Support a globally distributed team
  • Transmittals - Secure transmission of drawing packages to external contractors and equipment manufacturers for bids, shop drawings or review