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Employee File Management

HR organizations need to provide highly efficient, accurate service and maintain impeccable employee files for complex global workforces. The SAP® Employee File Management application by OpenText supports delivery of high-quality HR services by supporting the integration, storage, retrieval, and archiving of all paper and electronic documents related to members of your workforce.

Business Benefits

  • Faster HR processes by providing HR staff with a complete view of all employee documents
  • Higher service levels through improved compliance with service-level agreements
  • Flexibility to support global HR processes by giving all office locations parallel, Web-based access to digital employee records
  • Reduced operational costs by automating administrative activities and eliminating paper archives
  • Lower training costs and higher employee satisfaction within the HR department by automating routine document-related inquiries
  • Minimized risk through improved data integrity and availability

Key Features

  • Paper and digital file consolidation - Collect, digitize, and centralize all employee documents and master data; use scanning and image capture functions to eliminate paper files
  • Search - Use intuitive folder structures and thumbnails to find documents quickly; jump directly from digital document records into transactions supported by the SAP ERP Human Capital Management solution
  • Employee self-service and shared-services support - Provide employees and managers with secure access to relevant files
  • Process automation - Integrate workflow for complex review and approval processes and routine document-related inquiries
  • Archiving - Securely archive employee documents in accordance with legal regulations

Business Challenges

  • Management of large volumes of paper and electronic records
  • Compliance with document retention and deletion regulations in global workforces
  • Demand for delivery of high-quality, accurate HR services at a low cost
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