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Document Access

Manage crucial structured and unstructured business information with the SAP¨ Document Access application by OpenText and the SAP Archiving application by OpenText. Easily integrated with your SAP software, the applications facilitate data management, improve IT operations, increase transparency, and improve productivity and efficiency throughout your organization.

Business Benefits

  • Heighten productivity and collaboration with instant data and document access
  • Support core business processes with contextual information
  • Improve speed and efficiency of transactional activities and processes
  • Enhance customer service and relationships with fast access to up-to-date data
  • Lower costs through streamlining of document-handling processes
  • Accommodate growth and expansion with a scalable solution
  • Boost IT performance and availability for lower IT costs and total cost of ownership
  • Protect content from natural disasters with distributed archiving
  • Improve compliance with long-term, secure storage of archived data

Key Functions

  • Document consolidation - Manage and integrate all enterprise information within your SAP software environment
  • Complete, contextual, hierarchical presentation of unstructured documents and structured, transaction-related data - Eliminate information silos and reduce manual, paper-driven business processes
  • Custom navigation and virtual folders - Make it easy for people to manage their data
  • Long-term, secure archiving of business data and documents - Work with standard, durable, widely used formats
  • Information accessibility - Take advantage of flexible, secure, and durable storage and retrieval functionality


  • Capture, retain, track, share, and archive growing amounts of crucial and sensitive business information
  • Manage and integrate large amounts of unstructured data including e-mails, faxes, images, and word-processing documents,  which account for some 90% of all business data
  • Handle and coordinate geographically distributed data
  • Deal with complex compliance requirements
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