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Digital Asset Management (DAM)

When it comes to managing digital assets many organizations are feeling the pain of trying to manage, control, and efficiently distribute all of the media they are creating and receiving.  The OpenText Digital Asset Management solutions address these challenges and more with a single source of truth for media files; folders, metadata and taxonomy to organize and classify digital assets for easy and intuitive retrieval; security and workflow capabilities to ensure control of all the media that reflects your brand, products, and marketing; context-specific transformations to facilitate simplified reuse and distribution of all different types of digital assets.

Optima implements the two market leading OpenText DAM solution options – OpenText Media Management and SAP Digital Asset Management by OpenText.

OpenText Media Management

The OpenText Media Management solution automates and optimizes the five essential DAM elements for organizations - collecting content, managing media with rich metadata models, finding with faceted navigation, and simple and complex searches, repurposing media assets, and automating distribution processes for publishing all while ensuring brand consistency and reduced compliance risks.

DAM OpenText Screenshot

SAP® Digital Asset Management by OpenText

The SAP® Digital Asset Management by OpenText solution enables publishing, media & entertainment, and manufacturing organizations to associate rich media with structured business data and provide a unified view in SAP ERP and CRM systems. You can increase revenue and productivity by creating, reusing, and repackaging content for all networks and channels. This SAP solution allows increased visibility and control so you can efficiently monitor asset usage and manage intellectual property rights. And through automation, you can control fulfillment and syndication activities.

DAM SAP Screenshot

Business Benefits

  • Optimize digital asset creation and management enterprise-wide with a flexible, automated environment
  • Reduce operating costs with improved efficiency across a content value chain
  • Optimize creative workflows through integration with design applications
  • Prepare for growth with an application built on open and standardized architecture that will scale to meet your needs
  • Lower total cost of ownership with an integrated software landscape

Key Features

  • Asset creation and use – Create content once and then reuse and repurpose it; access creative desktop tools; make the right asset in the right format available at the right time to everyone who should have access
  • Media management – Connect media creation, management, and distribution processes; control access permissions for assets; streamline content workflows for import, export, creative review and approval processes
  • Native support for 150+ file formats – Out-of-the-box support for images, graphics, photographs, video, audio, text, and compound layout documents
  • Intellectual property and security – Enable rights management and compliance; enforce multi-level security
  • Distribution – Manage and automate fulfillment and syndication processes, reuse and tailor digital media for different media such as mobile devices, leverage metadata, and automate delivery to distribution channels
  • Scalability – Solution can scale to manage millions of assets across thousands of users

Business Challenges

  • Generate, organize, use, and repurpose digital assets
  • Enhance multichannel delivery
  • Handle high volumes of large media files and users
  • Improve integration between creative desktop tools and enterprise software
  • Manage intellectual property and distribution rights while avoiding licensing risks
  • Connect digital assets with SAP business objects
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