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Content Suite 16 Upgrade


Content Suite 16 Upgrade – Why You Should Care

The long awaited and much anticipated Content Suite 16 (CS16) is now available. Optima Consulting has implemented and upgraded several customers to CS16 already.

We can help you with key questions and concerns regarding CS16 including:

  • What is in it for my company?
  • Should we do it now or should we do it next year?
  • We just upgraded not that long ago to CS 10.5, why bother? 

Why Upgrade?

Arguably CS16 is the most significant release of the product in its history, in fact one of the most significant in the history of ECM. Years in development, Content Suite 16 is a radical departure from the old “LiveLink” look and feel. CS16 answers a lot of technology and end user requests/requirements to leap frog over where the product has been going and where you need to go in your organization’s digital transformation. At a top level what is different in CS16?

  • Better Engagement – A completely new user experience now with HTML5 that removes user experience as a barrier to adoption. This configurable tiled approach offers a simplified, responsive UI, role-based views, access to your content and is seamlessly extensible to other business applications.
  • Better Productivity – Internal records managed social collaboration on information to projects with connected workspaces.
  • Better Access – Access Content Suite directly from the desktop, desktop applications, and Office 365™ applications. Copy or move an email message into Content Server with a single click to greatly reduce the time it takes for users to file emails while ensuring adherence to records governance policies.
  • Better Innovation – make your organizations agile, move with your market, move your market.
  • Better Control – Cyber security is everyone’s problem.  CS16 will enable tighter security over your information assets.

In addition, there are software add-ons and capabilities that you may have thought of procuring, but are now in the upgrade. If you are an active maintenance user, you will get these as part of your standard maintenance program.

Why Upgrade with Optima?

 Optima ECM Consulting has the direct experience and knowledge to help you answer your lingering CS16 Upgrade questions as we have upgraded Content Suite 16 for several customers.

  • We’ve discovered the nuances, quirks and required patches to make CS16 work as advertised.
  • We’ve submitted and discussed CS16 issues with the OpenText support and product management.
  • We’ve had to write procedures where there have been gaps in the documentation.
  • We’ve even developed best practices incorporating the lessons learned from upgrading LiveLink and Content Server instances to CS16.

The Optima CS16 experts have the knowledge and experience to help you answer your questions and help you in planning your CS16 Upgrade.  Contact us at