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Content Capture

Being able to manage content begins with capturing the content.  The OpenText Content Capture products transform paper and electronic documents into digital content to reduce cost, speed up processes and increase compliance.  OpenText provides a number of capture solutions depending on the content source and the business strategy of leveraging the content. These capture tools include Enterprise Scan, E-Mail Capture, and the Capture Center.


Enterprise Scan

Enterprise Scan supports a range of document capture scenarios for high and low volume requirements. Integrated with the workflow component, organizations can use barcodes, and automated metadata collection and categorization to streamline the capture process and ensure valuable content is properly stored and organized in context with related electronic content.

Enterprise Scan supports three core capture scenarios:

  • High volume batch scanning - Used to archive large number of documents often done in central locations with or without document pipeline
  • Ad hoc scanning - Used for few documents typically done at a user‘s workstation started from a Content Server web page or from a SAP GUI (OAWD)
  • Link by barcode scenario - Combines benefits of batch and ad hoc scanning.  One user defines which folder to scan into while another user does the scanning or the same user at a later time

E-Mail Capture

OpenText Email Solutions securely store and govern email, ensure compliance with internal policies and industry regulations.  The Email Solutions include Email Monitoring, Archiving and Management for Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Office365, Lotus Notes and Google GMAIL.

OpenText Email Archiving allows organizations using rule-based archiving to capture email from user mailboxes, storing it in an environment better suited for cost effective long-term storage.  Captured emails are readily accessible by both users and legal staff with a fully featured full text search engine.

OpenText Email Solutions provide control over archiving email based on an industry leading Records Management engine with advanced search capabilities.

Capture Center

OpenText Capture Center (OCC) uses the most advanced document and character recognition capabilities available to turn documents into machine-readable information.  The Capture Center extracts the bitmap data ‘stored’ in scanned images and faxes and interprets it by using Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR), Intelligent Document Recognition (IDR), and adaptive reading technologies.  OCC is known for its exceptionally advanced recognition capabilities refined over 35 years of experience in the field with large scale operations (like the US census and German tax authorities) are the foundation of the product.

Typical documents that may be processed are order entries, application forms, insurance claims, or business reply mail.  Invoice processing is also a dominant applications for this business use case, and OpenText Invoice Capture Center is a preconfigured application of OCC dedicated to this application.

Business Benefits

  • Reduce Operating Costs - Content Capture reduces manual keying and paper handling, accelerates business processing, and improves data integrity
  • Capture content in context with related electronic content using barcodes, integrations with workflows and automated metadata collection
  • Securely store and govern email, ensure compliance with internal policies and industry regulations
  • With email capture organizations benefit from the capacity to quickly and reliably retrieve emails that are potentially relevant to audits or litigation
  • Captured content can be exported to one of many different solutions including Content Server, SAP systems and SharePoint
  • The Capture Center picks up documents from various sources: Scanners, Multi function peripherals (MFPs), email accounts, FTP, file share, SharePoint
  • The Capture Center architecture is fully scalable by either adding processing nodes or validation clients

Key Functions

  • Scanning - The scan client is called Enterprise Scan and is a product of its own. Enterprise Scan is part of the core ECM bundles, Content Lifecycle Management (CLM) and Extended ECM for SAP
  • Validation - This is the client for manual keying and inspection
  • Monitoring - Day to day management of the capture infrastructure, reporting, statistics, etc.
  • Capture emails records directly from Microsoft® Outlook or Lotus Notes®
  • System configuration, definition of document classes, metadata, automation methods
  • Auto-indexing and intelligent document recognition
  • Tools that allow for automated, interactive, or rule-based archiving

Business Challenges

  • Slow and inefficient processes dominated by paper documents
  • High transaction costs tied to manual processing and rekeying of data
  • Lots of exception processing with non-EDI transactions
  • Rising system storage costs due to the proliferation of emails
  • Ensuring compliance with internal policies and industry regulations regarding securely storing and governing of emails
  • Users or legal staff are challenged interrogating vast email archives without benefit of full text search capabilities