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Better Together – Ariba and VIM


SAP sells two market leading Procure to Pay products, SAP Invoice Management by OpenText and SAP Ariba. These two products are complimentary, but often one of the products is sold as a solution that will ‘do it all’ for payables management. To deliver on the full value for the corporate Procure to Pay solution, the key elements of both products must be incorporated to have a holistic solution that delivers the right combination for Procurement and Payables.

Better together with SAP Invoice Management by OpenText and SAP Ariba is the right combination for your Procure to Pay solution.

  • Did your organization procure Ariba for all your invoice to pay needs?
  • Is your supplier adoption level where you think it should be?
  • Are your payables management processes truly optimized and efficient?
  • Is your Ariba solution meeting all of your invoice processing needs?

Optima Consulting is the largest provider of SAP Procure to Pay services. Period. We have over sixty-five customers who we’ve helped maximize their Procure to Pay capabilities. We can use our vast Procure to Pay knowledge to support optimizing and fulfilling your procurement and payables management.

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